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With over a quarter century of experience Pharmatech Manufacturing Inc. combines experience and expertise with the nutritional products industry to provide superior private label products.
Health Supplement Manufacturer
Powders and Drink Mixes
  • Granulation services in order to achieve superior compaction to achieve higher active ingredient rates for encapsulation and free flowing powders with accurate bulk density for tableting.

  • Special powder drink mix processes to achieve superior dissolvability in liquids, and excellent taste. 

Nutritional Tablet Manufacturer
  • High Speed Rotary Tablet presses produce over 150,000 tablets per hour, shortening lead times for our customers.

  • Computer controlled operations, allow for precision in the tableting process, ensuring the size and weight of each tablet  is accurate.

Vitamin Manufacturer
Formulation Services
Two-Piece Hard Shell Capsules
  • High Speed Computer controlled capsuling, ensuring the weight and dosage is accurate for each capsule. Providing you with a superior health supplement.

  • 52Million monthly Capsule output, leading to shorter lead times.


  • Ph.D level formulation experience
  • Flavor development for drink mixes.
  • Superior Customer Product development assistance. As a client you can speak directly to personnel in R&D for technical assistance. 

Granulation Services
Nutritional Tablet Manufacturer
  • Toll and Custom services for instanizing proteins and powders for superior drink mixability, dispersion, and suspension in any liquid.

Granulations for the Industry
  • 150 kg capacity Fluid Bed, delivers a capcity of 24 tons of finished granular material per month. 

  • Mills with capacities of 300 kgs/hour, gently mill the granular material to the mesh sizes the customer requires, speeding up tableting and delivering a hard tablet.

  • A perfect solution for companies in the industry who do not want to granulate their own powders.

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