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Pharmatech Manufacturing, Inc. is a contract herbal product, health supplement manufacturer, and vitamin manufacturer. 


We formulate, manufacture, and package solid dose delivery forms such as capsules, tablets, and powders, specializing in the productions of custom formulations, met to the specifications of our customers. 


We provide our customers unparalleled support in designing truly unique products. Part of making your brand successful entails offering formula development of custom products, scale-up assistance, and production management for experimental runs.

  • Dedicated In-house Research and Development will assist our customers in creating new formulations or help them expand existing product lines.

  • R&D is capable of conducting experimental encapsulation for specific purposes or new product formulation issues such as color matching and fill parameter questions.

Pharmatech Manufacturing is a full service nutraceutical manufacturer, conducting various forms of manufacturing.

We are the following:

  • a Vitamin Manufacturer

  • a Health Supplement Manufacturer

  • a Powder Drink Manufacturer

  • a flavored Protein Manufacturer

  • a Private Label Manufacturer with over 50 formulas.

  • We also conduct toll granulation services and agglomeration services. We also have the capabilities and the knowledge to instantize proteins and drink mixes for superior mixability and dispersion in liquid.

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